Hardware Development

  • Mikro-Kod Consulting specializes in the development of unique instrumentation for the electric power system. Our developments use analogue and digital technology and are designed to measure the characteristics of power system components.
    We have power system operating experience and we have design and manufacturing experience in the analogue and digital fields that produce designs that are reliable and competitive.
    Some of our developments are designed to measure the quality of high-voltage insulation, while others assess the performance of instrument voltage and current transformer for accurate power and energy measurements or for proper operation during system faults and transient conditions. Still others are destined to measure the efficiency of system components, such as motors, generators, transformers and reactors.
    The instrumentation we develop is typically computer controlled and very user friendly. It is outfitted with some of the latest software designed for tracking the performance of tested equipment over long periods of service life and to alert operators of possible problems in the future.
    We are ready to listen to your problems in electrical measurements and to come up with innovative solutions. Do give us an opportunity to conceptualise a product for you.